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Foreclosure and Unemployment Notifications Raises with Escalating Bank Profits

Even though the companies strive to stay open, the unemployment rate keeps on increasing. Layoffs are showing a decline and happen less frequent. However, that doesn't mean it isn't occurring.

Many people have lost and are still losing their jobs, which apparently mean they aren't capable of paying their loans and finish up in foreclosure. There was a small decline in foreclosure notifications on account of moratoriums and in few states are mandated up till any other notification.

After most moratoriums ceased during February and March, foreclosures climbed up by 17%. Notably, this ratio is 45% greater than the previous year's statistics.

The construction of brand new houses is still going on all over the country.

The trade of multi-family houses is showing a declining trend by 11%, while the single-family homes are still selling and constructed at the same ratio as a couple of months back.

Although there are many houses available for sale on market, the construction of single-family and multifamily homes are still occurring all across the country.

In addition to that, banks are also showing a rising profit trend as compared to the last year. JP Morgan Bank won the race with over 2 Billion profits. Since hardly any banks require government help, more and more banks are progressing and exhibiting stability and growth.

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